Saturday, July 9, 2011

A healthy soup for doctors to be...

I met a doctor who is also a dean.
He was famous and had a great white-neck-length-hair.

That day my class was cancelled and instead of going home i greeted him and asked wether we could talk.

I sat on the couch facing face to face with the legendary doctor who happened to have no personal life,4 huge white dogs and finished his MBBS for more than 5 years just because examiners hated his hair. But, he was a proud and 'rock' old man.

I gulped...but it is harder to speak when i tried really hard not to shed a tear.

"Tell me" , he said.

" Its been a very long time since we talked sir. We kinda miss to chat with you, sir."

"Yeah, me too. How was your stay in city? Was the food, the room,friends alright? " a very common question among doctors and staffs.

"Well,of course it is great. I've been really gratefull for that. How's yours sir?",smiling with pearly eyes.

"Great! Tell me how i can help you? "

"I've been wondering if i'm not fit to be a doctor."

He beamed.

"Don't worry! You will get through this! You may say that i'm not good enough or others know better than me. You must realize that everyone is different. You think that you came from a different culture but at least we are asians. We can at least adapt to the food,weather or culture."

But, sir i felt soo lagging behind.

I don't think that should be a problem. I had a lot of Malaysian friends you know. They succeeded and passed MBBS. They too had language problem but they never make it as a huge thing to accomplish. All you need is, to pass all exams and with a blink of eyes you'll be in final year. I bet you are a bit relieved that you are now in third year. 
Okay, let me ask you something.

How does doctors working with animals talk to their patient? 
(I was too dumbstrucked to agree.)

But sir, i could only learn if  i made a mistake. I have no idea which is which, what is what...
Relax,you'll be fine. This is the time to make mistakes. Mistakes by doctors could cost someones life but you have plenty of time to prevent that from now on.This is a learning process. To become a good doctor requires time and experience in which you will get along the way. Don't worry much ! You'll be there. You just need to pass the basic subjects and continue your journey.
First year is the toughest among all years in MBBS. Once you passed, you should be proud of yourself ! Not everyone can pass, and not just anyone could survive medical field. Either distinction or not is another point. An ordinary student could become a legend just by doing extraordinary things and become a great doctor. A doctor is a profession where hard work counts and results are seen in front of our eyes. Medicine is also a repetitious knowledge that you need to by heart everyday.

All you need to do now is to become an intern who makes excellent differential diagnosis. A good doctor however, comes with experience in which you will be, if you stay in medicine and learn from your mistakes. An excellent student will be able to give different possibilities of diseases and makes an attempt to diagnose patient with the right tests upon symptoms and signs presented. For example, fever as a symptom. An excellent student will be able to say , "Sir, i would like to check for the temperature of the patient and see the pattern of fever. If it is step ladder pattern it could be typhoid fever, if it is rising every third day, it could malaria, and if it is continuous fever spike i might say that it is brucellosis." Again, don't worry bout anything. Just focus on your studies. I am sure that you will do well and become a good doctor.

Anything else?  
No sir. Thank you very much!!!

But just after he stood up, he whispers " Don't you have boyfriend problems?" gleefully.

The easiest way to answer to that question is " No sir, i came from girl school, not much admirers sir." I end our talk with a grin and walked out of his office with a light shoulder and wide spaced paces.

I am very much relieved that i solved 'that matter' before and if another 'that matter' happens again, i will say to him " bring me a ring to my  parents house. " I came here to study. Study medicine. Study how to survive. Study how to mingle with people. Study to become a better person.

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