Thursday, May 30, 2013

Surgery 101

Today we had an incisional hernia surgery observation. Most of us 9th term-ers, were excited and focused on the surgery.

Dr Rohan seemed to be immersed in teaching the new PG who recently won the seat for surgery post graduate. He seemed composed and silent. Not the bullying type of staff,hopefully.

Tonight,it rained again as usual and i had to go to OT as soon as finish drying my clothes on the rack and went off while hoping it wont be raining.

I have lots of things to read and endless topics to by heart. Not to mention about the hypochondrium pain I'm having since yesterday. I am so lazy to go and consult the doctor for this while we recently finished the gall bladder topic. It was just the cholecystitis(inflammation of the gall bladder).I know I'm intolerant to oily meals and never knew that one piece of fish fillet would make me suffer so much pain. I need to get my self together and bear the pain. Painkillers wont work for me and i have been feeling that anti-spasmodic drugs would make me hypotensive instead of relief of pain.

Had to go study now. Tata...

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