Friday, July 29, 2011

CoMMed: Community diagnosis presentation

Today we had a horrible presentation session for community medicine posting. All students were divided into individual topics to be presented using power point. But, we do not know what to do. At least , not about what the exact right thing to do. Basically, all lecturers seemed so agitated and quite furious with our performance. I was watching from the first row in horror as one by one scolded and yelled at presenter.

"Why in the world would you do like this? You think this department are so carefree ,so you can 'jack' us as you like? You people have no attitude! Not even interested in doing your duty. It is such a waste to sit here and watch your presentation. What ever you presented is already taken in theory class. We don't want theory part! We want to know the results from your observation. We want to know either you can deduce an inference from the observation. "

And another lecturer continued,

" Yeah, you people have no common sense. Not even one person came to us and ask what to do, how to do the presentation. You people don't even bother"

I just glanced to my fellow friends,and shared the what-the-hell-we-dont-know-bout-that-you-should-teach-us look. I hate to admit that i simply blur all the time and had no idea what is going on in theoretically. Seriously, i didn't hate Community Medicine, but i am not in love with it too. So, where should i stand?

I should study and finish writing 64 spotters in record book. Then, i shall study the environment,sociology and economy topic for viva tomorrow.

I hope everything goes well.



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