Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dr in Action : Opthalmology End posting Prep1

in ophthal posting, one special thing is, they love to use short forms for all kind of eye problems. here are some of the common ones:

~ PDR: proliferative diabetic retinopathy
~ NPDR: non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy
~ HR: hypertensive retinopathy
~ AMD / ARMD: age-related macular degeneration
~ RP: retinitis pigmentosa
~ AION: anterior ischemic optic neuropathy
~ RVO: retinal vein occlusion (CRVO: central RVO; BRVO: branch RVO)
~ RAO: retinal arterial occusion
~ BH: blot h'age
~ DH: dot h'age
~ VH: vitreous h'age
~ PVD: posterior vitreal detachment
~ ME: macular edema
~ PSCC: posterior subcapsular cataract
~ NS: nuclear sclerosis
~ AC: anterior chamber
~ ET: esotropia
~ IOP: intraocular pressure
~ OD: optic disc
~ ODR: Optic Disc Ratio
~ FFA: Fundus Fluorescein Angiography
~ PRP: Pan Retinal Photocoagulation
~ AS: anterior synechiae
~ PS: posterior synechiae
~ EOM: extra-ocular muscle

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dr in Action : Ortho end posting Yang paling best


BAyu datang lambat untuk end posting kali nih...sebab selalunya  end posting lambat start. Kali nih, lain pulak.
Dr JP Shetty nih memang sempoi gila-gila.End posting tak sampai 2 minit. Just kena baca X-ray.

This is Plain x ray. 
Antero posterior and lateral view.
Showing knee joint,femur,tibia,fibula and patella.
The x ray shows communited fracture at upper one third of the tibia.

What do you think? It is an old or a new fracture? 

Erm..I think it is a new one. Because there is a lot of bits and pieces of the bone around the fracture.

Owh, it is not. It is actually an old. What do you do in this type of fracture?

We do open reduction and fixation in non union fracture.
Then, we immobilised the limb for healing process.

Okayh,great...take your attendance book...
By the way, are you  Malaysian? (soalan wajib tiap kali habis viva)


And why wont you stay in hostel ?

Erm, sir...it is expensive rather than living in my house i`m in now...
Hostel food,electric,maid and maintance is very expensive...(haha...betul yer...)
In city, we can at least save a bit.
They thought we have alot of money..
But, actually...we dont!!! 
( Errrr...ye ker??? Well, dari bagi duet kat TEMPEH..baek bagi family atau diri sendirik....)

So, do you have cleaner or cooker?

Erm, no sir. We cook and clean ourselves...

(O_O) owh i see...(kagum pulak dia nih..)
Kesimpulan: End posting paling Best,Sempoi dan Sekejap so far....



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