Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cetrizine c'est magnifique!!!

I had a lot to do list in my mind.
One by one, i completed one by one.
Tick the box and move to the next list.
A very long list indeed.

My eyes burning, my throat hurts,my body hot as a hare, and  i have a nasal-hoarse-husky but sexy voice. The flu won't take me down. I will complete my to do list what ever it takes within the targeted time!!!

I'm fighting against the cold breeze, fighting against the pouring rain to class everyday(which explains the fever), the sleeping inducing weather,the long hours or minutes of free time( waiting teachers,waiting bus to move,waiting in bus,waiting for attendance to be taken, etc... ), listening to lectures in class while trying hard not to doze in the first bench ( i sat there because i'm bit deaf,bit blind too, but most of the time i had to process what they say in Indian-English accent).

For the flu, i used cetrizine hydrochloride 10mg. Well, quite effective to treat runny nose,blocked airway and reduces sputum. Cetrizine is the common drug we had in the drawer other than Crochin( paracetamol for antipyretic and analgesic effect), Cyclopam (antispasmodics for period cramps), Prometazine(antimotion sickness,sedation effect for long journeys by bus or car), loperamide( antidiarhea)or chikit teik onn ( ubat herba cina yang bulat-bulat tue) , dentogel (ulcers in mouth), minyak yuu yee cap limau , minyak cap kapak and blah-blah.

 I knew i'm supposed to take antibiotics but since i thought the fever and cold would recede in few days, so i didn't take the precaution measures. However,  i am stuck with the flu  for almost 1 week. Padan muka ! Tomorrow, i have to go and buy some cefadroxil 500mg and take it for 3 days.

If i am not too lazy to walk out that door.

p/s: remembered 1st question in Kimia SPM, " Nyatakan cara-cara merawat batuk menggunaka bahan-bahan yang terdapat di rumah. I answered : Gunakan teh halia untuk melegakan batuk dan selsema. Cengkih juga digunakan untuk melegakan sakit tekak."


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