Thursday, July 14, 2011

Elder's shelter.

Today,we had a trip to an elderly shelter house. There are two unit houses separately each for men and women.

I wished i had something to give. They each needed basic daily things like slippers, toothbrush ( aik..ade gigi lagi ke?), toothpaste, machine washer,good thick blanket, and maybe some good rice too.

Well, one of the granma's there asked me to come front. I hugged her and embrace her hand.I knew they needed a hug more than money or materialistic things in this world. Yeah, most of them either left to die there, left by their own children, had no family at all, or came there for treatment. Some of them, still manage to communicate well. But, some had gone senile.

This is the third time we went here.We went there  last time during our 5th and 6th term postings. 

This amma is very friendly and sings alot. She even welcome us with her joyful singing. I am really gratefull for she can speak English.Go amma!!! We promise you we come again next time!
I aske her, what she do all day in the shelter. They do nothing. They had to hand wash their clothes  all by themselves.
Just have a look at her! Very charming granny rite! Siap ada bunga lagi kat sanggul tu...
This is one of the three dorms in the shelter for women section.
The entrance.
The weather is very cold and nice. The shelter is surrounded by green field.
Another scenery.
I guess this is the toilet.

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