Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A field trip again...

During community medicine posting, there are either theory class, field trip or seminars . In a week we will brought to the local area to ask question around and get ourselves a complete data of the family.

To be frank, i dunno anything or blurr all the time.

As long as it is in Kannada or Hindi, i can at least understand what they were asking or discussing. I tell ya, it is easy to ask questions in other language, but to understand the answer , took a lot of liberty to process the sound going through  the external ear canal, then into the middle ear cavity which is then processed by cochlea and transmitted to brain. I guess, my impulses always stuck midway, coz i always dont understand what are they saying. It gets tougher when it comes to elderly people, you know..the gummy-not-so-adequate-teeth speech.... Heheh...

My unitmate going into the house. This is a pucca house. 

Ventilation and lighting are inadequate.

Jot down the details...

See if the kitchen is high,medium or low in height.
We were also required to see whether the family used a LP or wood stove. 

They usually waash their clothes out side on the rock.
 Kasik hempas-hempas itu kain achi!!!


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