Saturday, July 30, 2011

CoMMed: The End Posting

At last.

Finished my postings.

Hell yeah, it was EASY.

I got the dark-bespectacled-short-dark-hair lecture.
I seriously forgot the name.

And so,we begin our end posting.Basically, it is about environment,water,housing and sosial health.

"Did you finish your record?"

"Yes sir."

"What type of family did you study?"

"Nuclear family sir. It consist of 3 member. Saji,Amitha and Sherine. The case sir."

Flipping through the pages.

"Owh i see. Okay, Tell me your observation ."

This is how you present your case.

"Sir, the family is nuclear type family, living in pucca house.The head of house is a bus driver,but the wife doesn't work. Hence the total income is around 8000 rupees( like 700ringgit per month). They spent the money wisely. No debts and had savings in account. They spent most of their money on food,fuel and house maintenance.."

He cut me before i could finish my presentation.

"Okay, tell me  the name of classification we used for assessing social class."

"Sir, its modified Kuppusamy scale sir.(Park:601 , Asma Rahim: 338)"

"Okay, what other classification you can name?"

"Erm...." totally blank.

"Its Pareek scale,Kulshrestha scale,Prasad scale..."

And i continued my presentation on my own.

"Sir, since the family spent wisely on food. There is no correction to be done regarding the menu. There is no deficit in nutrition requirement. They had balanced diet..."

He cut me again.

"Give me the total requirement of Vitamin A "

"Sir, for adult male and female its 600microgram for retinol and 2400 microgram for carotene.For children, it is 400 for retinol mcg  and 1600 for carotene." (Record 1 : 33)

He seemed to disagree.Aaargh, i didn't study the infant part because my case doesn't have an infant.

"How about infant?"

"Around 400mcg and 1600mcg..." totally from book, with slight alteration.

He disagree again.

"Look up for the answer in book okay?"

Waiting for another question, while he finished correcting my record.

"Finished sir?"

"Yes,you can go."

Hence, it is the very end of Community posting. Another term to go, one more community medicine posting to finish.I hope i've done well. Well, i wished i knew the answer for the vitamin part. Anyways, hooray! Finished commed posting already!


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