Friday, July 8, 2011


Finally, the moment i've been waiting has to come to an end.

It feels like nothing. I dont even get palpitations or cold clamy hands.

Finally i came to the end of my journey of traveling in the most dreaded, most hateful, most volatile subject known to medical students.

And that subject is M.I.C.R.O.B.I.O.L.O.G.Y.

Gosh,how much i tried and tried to study to every little details for exam,still, it wont suffice.

I've got tables and mind maps and videos and websites to aid in memorising it, still , it is so volatile.

Trying to by heart the book are as difficult as trying to breath in a deep cold air...

And when the time comes for our knowledge to be tested, mind and mouth doesnt seem to sync well as if the impulses were stranded midway through the axons.

During preparation, we ought to believe that we can do it. Yes, i've memorised it. Yes, i am okay. However, when the examiner stood and looked deep into your dark eyes, brain cortex processed the question and produce the answer. The answer lingers and float aimlessly in front of our eyes. The lips tried to move the muscles and form a word. Only a word...

If we had not listen to our teachers, it may be difficult... The worst teacher can still be teaching us things that looked soo trivial which may became the cause of of our failure.

If we had a bad teacher,we just need to become a better student.
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