Thursday, July 28, 2011

Endoscopy and C. T scan

For those who had abdomen or git problem, the most common test to be done is endoscopy. Well,basically they shove a tube with camera down your throat.

The procedure took at least 5minit. First, a topical analgesic sprayed at the back of your mouth to prevent gag reflex. They put a mouth guard,and the tube is inserted. During the procedure, the patient tend to make a very loud horrible belching sound. I did. I was actually forced to breath through my nore becaure i kept on gagging. The moment the tube entered my stomach, then to duodenum,i can say that it is pretty painful. I am soo done with it!

CT scan? Nothing much to tell except painful intravenous dye injection. Maybe not really painful,just that the dye is somehow hot. I can actually feel the dye seeping through the vessels,into my chest,perineal region and gall bladder. In the end,they couldn't find what is wrong with me. All they can say, "don't take fatty food especially red meat.". Okay,i will try to fast and 'berpantang' from meat,mutton, and seafood. My consultant physician said that if i have another attack during fasting,they will do MRCP. What is that? Ask Mr Goo.

To kill the pain, i took Drotin. Its working this time. Not like cyclopam or spasmo proxyvon.
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