Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OBG Posting: Aduh..peritnya si Ibu...

They giggled..., while the mother gritted her teeth trying so hard to push her first baby into this world.

It took four to five people to assist with the normal vaginal delivery of Mrs A.

One trying to poke her into the vagina, streching it as far as possible for the head.

One person to support the perineal muscles from tearing.

One person sitting kneeling over the patientt, giving a big push using her fist onto the abdomen.

One person waiting anxiously with the tray for baby on her hands.

One person waiting for the baby nearby the radiator.

20 of us students, watching with horrified-wondrous face.

It happen in a blink of an eye.

One moment the baby was out, and less than 5 minutes the placenta went out too.

and yeah.

She had a cut 'down' there. And of course without local anesthesia.

The mother can only endure the pain with a tear-less cry each time the doctor poke the hook needle into her flesh, approximating it together as soon as possible if so the vagina can be healed into its former glory.

I suddenly imagined how in the world can  one soul endure such pain?
That is only for the first child.

Y'all know my grand mothers both had like 12 t0 14 children!!!

All hail to Mothers!!!

Thank you for enduring such pain so we can see the world!

Love you Ibu.!!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Paediatric Posting : 8th term


I can play with the kids again!
Well, if they are not crying or getting irritated by us...

 Dealing with petite patients requires patience and intelligence. And of course high level of perseverence to get the bloody blood pressure, to palpate their pulses,to listen to their heart beat,to check their ocular movements, to palpate their abdomen and do all complex cranial nerves examination all in 1 and half hour.

We finished our final year theory classes at 9am. Walking or waiting for bus to get us to the hospital and reached there by 9.15am. Go to Out Patient Deparment and any concerned doctor in charge on duty to take our attendance and off we go to wards which is situated at 5th floor. Going up the stairs everyday made me thinking that i can loose some extra calories residing at the lower portion of my body. So, i simply insist and tried not to use the lift as often as i can.

We start our posting at wards by 9.30am. Put the bags down, bring two different books, a note, a red pen, a blue pen, stethoscope knee hammer,measuring tape,tuning fork and we are set to go to find any relevant cases pertaining to our level of knowledge worthy to be presented to the doctors on duty.

Me being a foreigner in this foreign land, makes it hard for me when it comes to taking the history from patients. Well, tried not to make the communication barrier as an excuse not to take cases by my self. At least, i tried to actively join the discussion and prompt my fellow Indian friends any relevant questions pertaining to patients complaint and history. It has to be done neatly, a detailed and as accurately as we can if we do not wish getting yelled by doctors.

I learned basic instruction words in local language so i can do the examination part on my own and try not to depend to much on other people. As for taking the history, i got no choice other than waiting for my friends to finish talking to patients and discuss with me what else to ask to the patients.

Kids are difficult to deal with if u do not have the basic knowledge of them. They are scared by white coats, the glasses, and strangers. They cry when we get closer to them.They sob and finds the mother's warm hug as 20 studenst in white coats approach them. If they are not in pain,comfortable and playfull, we are lucky enough to get the case complete till the examination part. With the kids crying and constantly disrupts the conversation between mother and us, we couldn't even finish the history of presenting illness. The case will only be done halfway, and haphazardly not in order. Soon, when the doctors come around and when we still did not finish our job, get ready for the yelling and heartfelt-condemning words during presentation.

I have one more weeks to go. Hopefully, i survive this time.

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