Monday, October 15, 2012

OBG : Week Three 9th term

Day 13.

Its OT day again. Every alternate days in unit 2 OBG, we have OT. On wednesdays at 11am we have theory class with Dr. DKS in OPD.

Case we've seen in fibroid uterus. Its a 34 yr old female,unmarried,had h/o bleeding pv, abdominal mass... It was BIG! Maybe around 3-4kg. Lots of bleeding during myomectomy. She was conscious all the way due to epidural anaesthisia.


Before we were allowed to enter the room,i could see the VULGARITY of surgical procedure. She is unmarried and we could assume that she had not been sexually active,hence had never been exposed physically in front of anyone in her life.
However,like what my mom uses to tell ;

"Once in the OT, everything will be EXPOSED and you are no longer subjected to privacy."

It felt horrible towards the lady,who is conscious and aware that a lot of people are staring at her lower private part including the OT male assistant(the one who angkat her onto the bed since she is quite obese),male OT assistant,the male interns, the male medical students, the doctors and the anaestheticians.

Yeah. I knew that in a teaching hospital, this kind of situation is common.Nevertheless,if we put ourselves in her place,imagine the trauma and horrifying experience of being exposed in front of so many people that she had never seen in her life. I can just geleng kepala aje.

Well,what to do kan? If you want a cheaper cost of treatment at the expense of infiltration of your body privacy, teaching hospitals in the usual way out of financial insufficiency.

It is unbelievable that the ones that offer complete care of women physical privacy makes their patients pay for what supposed to become their human rights. Yeap,it is the 'special service,special price policy' nowadays.


Sempat jugak borak about my very first experience of warching normal vaginal delivery and reminincing the joy of endorphins running through my veins all day. It was an AWESOME feeling i had ever had. I just couldnt stop smiling! Hekk, it is even better from getting all A1's in SPM or getting having had to receive thr scholarships etc... It is a complete PURE OF JOY and HAPPINESS that i felt that day. It is a miracle of the birth of a life to this world and that feeling of ecstacy is what i am searching for in this path i have chosen.

Come on dear ME!

Wake up and remember that feeling!

Gosh! Tomorow we will have MCQs on caesarean section in class. Wish me luck! ^_^

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