Sunday, October 14, 2012

OBG :Lesson learned

Dr D.K.S. Graduated in Europe,did his internship there andcame to his homeland to serve his people.

Today,i've bewn reminded again how difficult to vain knowledge in medicine.

"You people are all USELESS peole! "

"You people dont even know the basic!"

"You are all BLOODY LAZY! "

"You don't even have any initiatives to read and find the basics in clinicals. Theory is important but during end of posting, your understanding in assessing the case is much more superior than your theory knowledge. "

Shame on me.


Than goes on and on asking the basic questions. Nk one dared to answer. All of us are quiet as people at the funeral. He kept saying that we have to speak up and do mistakes now and nog during exams in which good examiners will never let IGNORANT medic students to PASS.

Passing is all i need. Distinction or first class won't even matter anymore. To pass is almost a miracle to me.

Dear me,please dont be disheartened by what they say. They are just doing their job as a teacher. Without them,you wont be here.

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