Monday, October 22, 2012

OBG : Presentation day again

1st Day. Unit 1.

Its going to be a free-willy journey. The stafs arent so scary and arent emotinal either.

They looked 'tamed' and full of love and passion to teach. Heheh.
Maybe i wont have to be so stiff around them during viva.

I just finished copying history and examination from fellow tempe. Today,i just need to palpate and tally everything with what i have written. At least i have to see and palpate her myself when my friend had already helped me with the case writing.

Let her finish partography and within 20 minutes i can palpate her.

Will i continue to be as consistent as i am right now?

Do pray for me.

Know what? I had my MCQ Obg today evening.
Only 3 questions were given but i failed to do well.
Maybe next time. So,please get ready tomorow. Dr LM will read the most interesting answers...


1) Define caeserean section. Mention absolute indication for caeserean section.

2)Name the layers insiced and the layers sutures according to chronological order.

3) Name the complications that can occur during c.sect. Mention the difficulties of thus procedure.

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