Monday, October 8, 2012

OBG - Ot day

Yup,it is the second week of OBG postings. Today,the weather is super awesome!

Imagine yourself sitting in a nearly empty bus,the chilled breeze blew softly to your cold face,when you outside through the window, the only thing your eyes could see thick-magical-like mist surrounding the bridge. The bus ride seems more like a cloud ride to Alice's Wonderland.

What a good feeling to start your day.

Today, we were posted in OT. Again,got scolded by Dr N.

"You people never take the case before coming to OT! "

"Always shaking heads when asked!"

"You people dont know anything at all. Already ninth term but donno anything!"

"You people should come and see the case first before coming to OT."

Scoldings,nagging,smirking,jagging. All become our daily breakfast in OBG.

Ahah. I shall stop here. No more complaints ok. This was all things they should do. At least they nag and say something to wake us up. It would be worse to have staffs who doesnt even care to nag when we dont know the answers... Let them do their job dear.

Now..coming to the viva in OT.

-Differrence between thr pseudo and true broad ligament in fibroid uterus?

- Indications of hysterectomy and myomectomy. Age wise,family completion,recurrence,

-History findings in ovarian mass and uterus mass.

-Clinical features in mass per abdomen in ovarian mass and uterus mass.

-Complications of ureter injuri during operation.

-Post menopausal bleeding causes.

-Dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

-What can you feel when palpating mass per abdomen? Give differential diagnosis.

-Cystic feeling,firm consistency,Grooves sign.Bimanual feeling,continouity of mass in uterus through cervical examination.

-DNC,Currete instrument,Abortion.

-Menstrual irregularities in mass per abdomen.

-Why there is menorhagia in post menopausal women?
=Increase surface area,hyperplasia of the endometrium due to oestrogen level increase.

- DX of Surgical causes of mass per abdomen.TB,retroperitoneal carcinoma,...

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