Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OBG : Its a BOY

Day three,week three in unit 2.

Tak lama lagi masuk unit 1 yang cool and sporting.
Sila sabar untuk tiga hari lagi.

Today we got to see a baby. Finally after two weeks posted in unit 2 i can finally see a baby being born into this world. It was an elective caesarean section. The babt was healthy and cried immediately after cord was clamped. Seronok betol bila dengar baby nangis.

Heheh, BYu memang suke menyakat budak. Suka sangat buat diorang nangis. Dah maen,pukkk huaawaaawaaa. ...lepas tu lari jauh-jauh. Jahat tol kak awe ni.

Ok. Viva di OT hari ni.

- caeserian section
- adnexal tu sebenarnya ovary n tube.
-management of pre, during n post c section patients
-Absolute indication n relative indication of c sec.
-steps of c sec.
-suturing the layers of incised uterine lower part,how long,which material,which method of suturing.
-advice to patients after discharge.

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