Sunday, October 21, 2012

OBG : Final day with ease

Saturday, final day unit 2 OBG.

Ho yeah~! *\(*u*)/*

No more hospital melodrama. No more kena leter dan kena marah.

Last day in unit 2 was magnificent! Although i was a bit nauseated and a bit uneasy during normal vaginal delivery at  labour theater, i finally realized that how much strength Allah gave to women to endure the pain during labour. At first , that female was yelling and screaming "amma appa..ayyooo" in so much pain and accompanied by the yelling of the PGs who tried to calm her down, my ear and my head began to be in pain. "Amma, chill madi!", said the male PG in charge while he was holding a episiotomy scissor  getting ready to cut her 'down' there. I can see everyone's forehead fill with wrinkles and sneering faces. Cut her some slack please! She was in pain! I can't help my self but to frown too. But, i had different reason. I just want the staff to treat her better. No wonder lah, many people said that during labour, the staffs always yells at the pitiful mothers who doesn't even have their husbands to accompany them. I wonder if my-husband-to-be will be able to hold my hand and be with me along the way in labour. Maybe, one day i can have my own hospital exclusive for women in labour where all the staff are nice and caring and most importantly, i want to hire only FEMALE staffs to work with me. At least, i can provide a choice to mothers who are unwilling to have a male doctor putting his hands in side her vagina, slicing them and watching them in pain.

I knew that all medical students have to master in every subject reagardless of the gender monopoly (im trying to say that male doctors have to learn and see female anatomy, and vice versa), but as a Muslim, i have responsibility to provide healthcare that emphasizes not only to medical care and supervision but also supervision and care from aurh( areas where non marriable people can't see) invasion.

After watching the delivery in a cloudy-state-of-mind, we dashed off to wards to finish writing our history presentation case.This time my teammates pleaded me to present the case as i have the non-jackable-non-anger inducing-face regardless of my mistakes i do during presentation. Like what they have predicted, Dr S who was known to be very aggresive  in taking viva and presentation didn't even bother to get angry as i was caught bluffing with a smiling face. I can clearly remember her saying " if you want  to bluff the vitals score or the examintion, at least put it at a normal level..." with a sinister face. Hihih, gomenne mera dhosti! I was in a hurry to copy the case sheet and present it without noticing the abnormal levels! Haha, i told you i can't lie with a straight face! Cikgu, sorilah. We didnt mean to cheat you by not taking the measurement and examined her ourselves,its just that we don't have adequate time to finish taking the case.Plus, the patient went to USG examination. So, we had to make up the history ourselves! Teehee! Sorry! (--_--)''

Baru teringat nak update pasal pesakit cancer ovari. Yup, haritu, sempatlah jugak palpate patient ni. Abdomen dia penuh ngan air(ascites). So, bila masuk OT cegu sedutlah segala air dalam abdomen tu. Teringat jugaklah yang dia panggil cekgu surgery untuk buat stage laparoscopy. Puihhh, buakan main banyak lah ketul-ketul air(cyst) yang dah merebak kat usus kecil dia. Impression diagnosis : Sero-mucinous ovarian cyst.

p/s: Argh...sakit hati pulak bila tak sempat nak tengok macam mana PG tu suture episiotomy incision tu. 


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