Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OBG : OT Day

Day 2.

Its OT day.

Today, we had seen the common.
A known case of ovarian cancer, its seromucinous type which produces ascitic-like fluid in the peritoneum. From tip-toeing behind Dr N and Dr L, i could see grain-like thingy scattered all over the bowel. They decided to do colonoscopy and sent us all out. Instead Dr L asked one of the unfortunate PG to take a class on ovarian tumour. As expected,she taught us whatever she knew,and let us go early.


Today,it is so much like a pasar malam or a kindergarten. There are people screaming,some runs,some frowns,some giggling at the corner and so on.

It is going to be alternate days of pure boredomeness in OT in which much better than having class in OPD.Why? Coz it is so boring and most importantly NO AIRCOND!

Bring flip flops!

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