Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What is the point of attending posting if there is no one teaching us something?

Now, i finally get it.

Even though there are no people like Malaysian teachers who spoon feed us to succeed in big big examinations like PMR and SPM.Here, we have to totally depend on ourselves.

Depend on our own interest and passion towards medicine. Depend on our ability to make friends and gain help from them in times of need as they were our only support system.

They wont care about you coming to class or not or is passing in exam's. They have patients to worry about. All they care is your attention for them during their classes.

The point of such system is that they require us to be INDEPENDENT and strive for our own DREAMS PASSION.

I may have been too comfortable in tuition and mentor mentee system that i failed many of my exams at the lack of such system here and was aggravated by unpolished independent learning skills.

Or maybe, it was just about the lack of my own will to SUCCEED has faded over the time. Degraded and demotivated by the so unsupportive education system, lack of inspiring teachers, lack of little notes and motivation camps that we used to have everytime the exams is around the corner, really rude or lack of discipline everywhere with no one to catch or give punishment to students. If there is any teachers willing to care, they have remind those students countless of times of their behavior. I was studying for the sake of my own guilt. Guilty for a lot of things. I didn't study for the sake of LOVE of KNOWLEDGE.

Why is it so difficult to LOVE something ?

What happened to the girl who loved to study for her own sake ?

Posting or classes are more important than studying alone in the cozy room and in the end falling asleep and not remembering what has been read. I too, faced the same dilemma.

Class or self study? Which one is better?

I learned it the hard way that what ever happens,or how bad the class was or the teaching was, class and posting during day times is precious and can never be replaced by notes we made by reading books.
Reading and going to classes is like going to charted ocean. Not reading and going to postings is like sailing an uncharted water. Not reading and not going to class is like not going to the sea at all!

Knowledge makes us prepared of what is happening,but experience makes us CONFIDENT in upcoming situations. Be it a predictable ones or the unpredictable ones.

So, attend your classes and posting no matter how boring it is. Because you will never know what will you NEED from classes that has been lost...


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