Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post Mortem Exam : Day 3

Yeah i know.

I'm supposed to write this few days back. But i was too emotional to do so. I've been really moody and sensitive since that last practical exam. Traumatized i would say.

2 cases, each 40 marks with instruments.

We were supposed to come at 8 am. Luckily i came  30 minutes early and get ample time to finish history taking and case examination. There are a lot of confusions as that was the only case i took since forever. It had been a very long time since i took and Opthal case.

I just want to tell that the first case presentation went well. However, the second one was a disaster. i couldn't even answer a basic most simple question which brought me to panic attack as well as inability to hold my tears right after i finish my exams. Yeah, i didn't cry in front of those people. I cried for my stupid mistake in front of Allah, the one who knows whats in our hearts. I rather not say anything when i am feeling bad or weepy.I just cry and just say what i want to say in front of Him during solah.

I made a mistake where i mistook 10 years of decrease of vision which was aggravated since last 1 month with loss of vision.

It is not SUDDEN, but GRADUAL onset of loss of vision which contribute to my failure to diagnose the case.

The moral of the day is : 1 month is NOT SUDDEN ONSET, but rather a GRADUAL ONSET.It may started suddenly and progressed for 1 month duration. 

Among questions asked:

-What is uniocular movement
-causes of gradual loss of vision
-complication of pseudophakia

 1st case: Right Nebula on the inferior-lateral margin of the cornea surface was right. They did asked about treatment, management.(keratoplasty,soft contact lenses, tattooing, peripheral iridectomy)

2nd case: Pseudophakia. Yup, i was wrong. I didn't see the whole picture although i've given it a thought about the man having a cataract removal few days back. But, because i was SOO FOCUSED ON SUDDEN ONSET LOSS OF VISION, i missdiagnosed my case as anterior uveitis wtih scleritis following surgery.

She also said that,

"You don't know ANYTHING!"

With that utterly disappointing look on her face.

Well, it was bad for the second case presentation compared to the first one. I was given compliment and said it was good. Two different aura in two different case.

That night i studied all the theory parts and out weighs the practicals part which was the instruments and probable cases. I didn't think straight and was so obsessed with theory part and sacrificing the score-marks on instruments and diagnosis.Argh, they didn't even bother to do a theory viva unlike community medicine as if they already given up on us, the reapeaters. Although, this is my first time taking this exam, i think i did okay.

When people start asking hows your exams? My answer would be, OKAY. Because i want it to be okay. I did okay. It will be okay.

It is not GOOd or not FINE.

 Good means you did extremely good and you are confident enough to say you will pass with flying colours.

Fine means that you did terribly but hoping that you actually get a different outcome.

Okay means it is in the middle. Not to positive. Not too negative. Just prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario.

I promise my self to be better. Better at managing my time during exams and control the urge to sleep. Sleep freshly. Use time wisely. Prepare for the worst. THink simple and basic. Schedule your priority.


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