Saturday, June 1, 2013

Surgery 9th term: OPD day

It's raining heavily last night.

All my targeted topics to be read hadn't been accomplished due to a huge compulsion to sleep on the bed. I was getting rest for 10minutes and fortunately my housemate woke me up at 4am telling me
to switch off the lights. The inverter wont be able to supply enough energy to illuminate the room as she has an upcoming university BDS exam today. Luckily,i managed to finish few topics before going to sahur and Subuh prayer.

We were supposed to have OPD(Out Patient Department) today. In Malaysia it would be the clinics in the government hospital or maybe there were some like these in private hospitals.Nah,I've never been to one. So,i didn't know how private hospitals works.

It seemed that no one is willing to come outside today. Hence,we the medical students were left jobless in the demonstration room. With no one to supervise and teach some surgical knowledge, here i am updating this junk blog.

My two other unitmate was deeply immersed with Greys Anatomy season 7 on tablet. The other tried to find some kind of job or things to read.

The one and only Dr in charge,with the minions male and female PGs and two junior interns joined him in the OPD and we final year medical student finally have something to observe from the side.

I can't forget the disappointed -hopeless face when we couldn't get the answers right. Plus, he was looking at me in the eyes.Me, the one and only Malaysian and a foreigner in the batch. I supposed he had a high expectation of me. Sigh....

I need to prove them that we somehow worthy to be here and its worthwhile to spend some time teaching us. Before he can teach us something, i need to read first.

Although,i am hugely tempted of bunking the posting for the sake of university exam which will be around the corner, i need the set my priority straight. Its not about prioritizing the schedule. Instead,its scheduling the priorities you had in you life.

As for me, 8-1pm daily is reserved for final year subjects. The rest of the day, i just have to utilise each second optimumly for my carried paper subjects.

Rabbuna Yusahhil.

Do pray for my istiqamah in studies.



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