Saturday, June 8, 2013

Surgery 9th term: Bedside class

Today we have a class with Dr. RCP who is an excellent physician. So,they say. He has this chubby happy grandpa look-a-alike.

"You are terrific but sometimes terrible."


 "You read,but you don't read carefully."
Was what has been said by THE Dr AK. He was realy popular among students. I even got a lovely smack on my head with a roll of A4 paper.

Today, as i was standing beside Dr RCP, my mouth just keep spouting answers and he HAD TO STOP ME and remind me to give others the chance to answer.He was also like AK. He gave me a proper smack with his fist on my shoulder.

I think old people tend to do that. They can't help themselves. Its instinct and in nature of a parent as well as a teacher. They just care about us. At least someone do care teaching us something. Guide us where we should read. Or at least  to have an idea of what to read.

They know what we dont know and what we know. We know that they know what we dont know. Lalalala~~~

Finally,i can understand the pathogenesis of cholecystitis gall bladder and hepatomegaly.
He even taught how beautiful JAUNDICE development in many case scenario.

So, buckled up dear self.
That was your First class with him.

p/s: Dont be tempted to bunk anymore class. Even with finals exam are nearing,please spend 5 high quality hours daily on clinicals is far much better than studying alone in your room and not understanding anything.


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