Thursday, November 10, 2011

What i do to pass time in exam hall.

Tik tok tik tok...

I really can't wait any longer.Sitting in the chair with nothing to write on the paper.Pfftt... I was waiting for the right moment to go out. Well , here we can actually go out as soon as we finish writing our answer. Ahaha, to make time pass faster, i counted my future-marks. I assumed that i will not get full marks for all the question and from the total of 100 i will only get at least 78. From 78marks, deduct all the question left unanswered which means i have only 60 marks. For medical students to pass, we were only required to get half on the total points.

So, to take another factor into account, we have to include the leniency of the examiners. If they are really strict (which they won't unless if it is for sessional marks) you will bound to get lesser marks. Now, don't forget we also have to take overall performance of the students into account.  Come on, if the best student answer slash top scorer gets 3 out of 5, an average student will only get at least 1.5 0r 2..

Now, since i am used to write small words, my answers graphically looked shorter than my fellow local Indian students. Plus, as Malaysian, we were thought to write the words sebijik-sebijik and unlike me, they have a large, continuous handwriting on the paper. If my answer for a 10 mark question took at least 4 page, their's would be 6 or 8 pages! Even, for G head took one line, and the tail of the G took the line below! ( Well not all are like that...i exaggerate it  a bit O_0)

Luckily, this is not KTT where exams were conducted in the super-cool air conditioned lecture hall. I am a lizard. When i'm cold, i sweat a lot. Especially my hands and my feet. Sweating hands and feet makes things worst for me as i can't cover them like i cover my body with sweater. I can't use gloves because i can't hold the pen. But, if i wrote with my bare sweaty hands, my hands got cramped. Wearing socks in cold seemed effortless as the sweat trapped inside the socks and air ventilation makes my feet even colder. So, i am thankfull  to be here, where the weather are hot-cool like Malaysia. Oh how i miss Malaysia very much!

Oh yeah, another thing i used to do is counting. Hehe, since all we do is read and read in medical school, by 30 minutes before the exam ended, i used to count fans,windows, lights, or anything that will help me pass  time in the hall. Today, i counted the number of students went out earlier in last hour and the number of empty papers taken by the top scorers and the ones sitting next to me. Well, in short what i do in hall is just being a stalker. Yup, a STALKER!Don't worry, invigilators won't suspect me for copying because i am that good! I didn't do anything wrong really....So, whatever.

Why i do all those things? Why not sleep?

Okay, since high school  i tried to sleep like my fellow friends. They were so confident that they will get 100 out of 100 for the paper. What subject is that? Of course Additional Mathematics or Add Math! I admired their confidence of sleeping during exam just  45 minutes  after the papers were distributed. You can get full marks in Mathematics because it is just logic. If the answer meets what the question wants , then you get full marks. But, we can't do that for other subjects as we have to produce the same EXACT paragraphs from the TEXT book. The more you tried to hentam-keromo, the lesser marks you are likely to get. I wish i had brains like Adi Putra( you-know-who) , living and working you days with just numbers. Good luck dear, hope you'll be a famous Mathematician in the world. Huhu.

I really tried to sleep but to no avail i just can't do that in front of the invigilators.I think i will sleep if i have sooo much confidence in my answers.Plus, my brain just can't stop thinking and working!I can't really get my head a brake unless it is for sleeping.That's why people get insomnia. They think too much!

People, please let's pray that i pass. All i need is pass the 3rd year. All i need is to pass 5 and half year before i become a real doctor. If i pass, i can do whatever i want, the way i want it, whenever i want it.

Brain hangover after too much thinking in exam.


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