Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Opthalmology posting

Its eye day.

Here are some snippets of my optho postings in August. Hehe, too lazy to update blog because of eid.

This time, i am much aware of my eyes. I could not resist the temptations of applying my not-so-adequate optho knowledge in my daily life. Whenever i see a yellow eye, i will definitely make my own differential diagnosis. Whoever has a red eyes, i will immediately keep my distance two feet away so as to not contracting any transmissible eye disease. If i had any dark circles or colored halos, i am quite sure that i might have  glaucoma. Ni ler penyakit orang masuk medic. Hihi...Asal nampak je satu bende, mesti ingat ape yang dah belajar dan buat diagnosis sendiri. Orang puteh kate, What mind don't know is when eyes dont' see. Kalau tak tahu, macam mana nak kenal....ye dak? 

Lacrimal syringing test : Performed after 4% xylocaine local  anaesthesia .
Normal saline is pushed into the lacrimal sac from lower punctum with the help of the syringe and lacrimal canula. Free fluid passage from the lacrimal sac into nose rules out any obstruction to the lacrimal passage. Complete obstruction can lead to reflux of the fluid into the eye( indicating blockage at the same canaliculi) or the fluid will drain from the upper canaliculi ( indicating that the nasolacrimal duct or nasolacrimal sac blockage)

Next, these are the pictures during OT day. Although we had not been able to see  the traumatic induced cataractous lens  directly ,we were lucky enough to have a flat TV in OT. So, while the doctors explained the procedure we watch the whole procedure from the the TV in awe. 

This is from one of the not so eventful postings. That day we were thankful because this Dr care to show us some gadgets in the postings. Touched by his kindness, i was so pumped up and volunteered to become a patient. Here are pictures to assess the axial length of the eyeball in mm determined by A-scan ultrasonography.This procedure is indicated for people who needs an intra ocular lens implantation.

That's all for today!


  Tons of  topics yet to read.... Can i do it? 


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