Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OBG Posting: Aduh..peritnya si Ibu...

They giggled..., while the mother gritted her teeth trying so hard to push her first baby into this world.

It took four to five people to assist with the normal vaginal delivery of Mrs A.

One trying to poke her into the vagina, streching it as far as possible for the head.

One person to support the perineal muscles from tearing.

One person sitting kneeling over the patientt, giving a big push using her fist onto the abdomen.

One person waiting anxiously with the tray for baby on her hands.

One person waiting for the baby nearby the radiator.

20 of us students, watching with horrified-wondrous face.

It happen in a blink of an eye.

One moment the baby was out, and less than 5 minutes the placenta went out too.

and yeah.

She had a cut 'down' there. And of course without local anesthesia.

The mother can only endure the pain with a tear-less cry each time the doctor poke the hook needle into her flesh, approximating it together as soon as possible if so the vagina can be healed into its former glory.

I suddenly imagined how in the world can  one soul endure such pain?
That is only for the first child.

Y'all know my grand mothers both had like 12 t0 14 children!!!

All hail to Mothers!!!

Thank you for enduring such pain so we can see the world!

Love you Ibu.!!!!


AviCenNna said...

Ibarat telur di hujung tanduk..berbaktilah kepada ibu ayah selagi mereka masih hidup..

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