Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paediatric: Its time to play!

With kids lah, but don't play-play. They are cute, lovely, induces mothers instinct like feeling compelled to carry them on your shoulder, wanting to cuddle them, play cikk-boooboo ,yada yada.

But, once they cry with highly shrieking voice,and demanding attitude, they aint cute or cuddly anymore.

But still have to think how to get the measurements.

The circumferences, the rates the sounds,the reflexes, the power and tones, and the developments.

These kids are sick,irritable and suspicious.

Hah! They tend to cry and hug their amma and appa upon seeing strangers.

In wards,these kids dont see us as medical guy, but rather apparent to them as ALIENS. Yes!

Aliens in white coats,with spectacles covering the eyes, with 'scary' instruments dangling around their neck and pockets, who were trying so hard at making a stable contact. To them,we are aliens trying to figure out how to communicate with them using keys,coins,phones and anything that is available in the wide wards.

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