Monday, July 2, 2012

Surgery : End Posting 9th term

Surgery end posting will soon come around the corner. What will i do?

Again, i'd like to write what i have to prepare for end posting which consist of viva  as well as case presentation.What shall i do?

First, prepare all the proforma for important topics based on Dass Surgery Clinical Manual. Reading proforma is much easier than reading right off the book.Read all the little notes you wrote.

Next, read the differential diagnosis part. You always left that particular part behind! Don't leave any SMALL printed words. It may come back to you some day somehow.

Prepare a bunch of viva questions in your mind. Don't slack off at the very last minute. Come On!! You can do it!

Practice the examination part and please remember all the test names! Don't confuse Brodie's-trendelenburgh test , Swartz and Perthe's test!

Last but not least, prepare the materials needed for physical examination. Don't forget to buy the AAA Batery for torch light!

P/S: Please read some theory part from Manipal Manual Of Surgery and SRB!!


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