Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eye Examination


~That day i wanted to see pupillary shadow. I hadno idea how the shadow will look like. Finally, i've seen it. 
  The shadow falls on the lens when the light is shined obliquely from the temporal site and seen through the pupil.

~General tests to be done.
  1. Visual acuity 
  2. Rosenbalm test
  3. vision test - by using Snellen`s chart and repeat Rosenbalm test
  4. Eye movement test - look up,down.left and right
  5. Confrontation test : The examiner closes his left eye while the patient closes his right eye. Move the finger in all four quadrant and repeat the test in the other eye.
  6. The H test - Move the finger from center outwards in H pattern.Repeat for other eye.
  7. Convergence test- From the nose, ask the patient to look far object .The pupil should constrict.
  8. Squint and Strabismus test : Shine torch on nose and see the light reflection on the pupil which is slightly deviated to nasal site. Assymetry indicates strabismus.
  9. Pupill reaction test- Shine from temporal site.See the pupillary constriction. See the other eye for consensual reflex.
  10. Accommodation test- Make the finger on nose. Ask patient to see far object . Pupil should constrict.


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